Oldies 100

From the Greatest Shore on Earth – Oldies 100! One of the great stations I grew up listening to as a kid, brought back to life. Sort of – no jocks, but plenty of classic jingles and sweepers 🙂oldiesmai-tunein

3 thoughts on “Oldies 100”

  1. I recently found your station and its great! I have been looking for a good 50’s and 60’s station on Internet Radio and I came across you several days back. You play many songs I don’t hear very much on the other stations. And you play the long versions. I hope you play the long version of “Light My Fire”.
    I have been collecting Rock N’ Roll music in 45’s and albums for about 35 years. I used to trade, sell and buy at small conventions when I lived in St. Louis. My first 45 was “Sandy” by “Dion”. I don’t know if you take suggestions or requests, but I wanted to let you know you have an excellent station.
    Thanks, Phil

  2. Great station and love the variety Appreciate the work you are putting into your channel. Its sounds easy and effortless..
    I know it’s not.

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