Oldies 100

From the Greatest Shore on Earth – Oldies 100! One of the great stations I grew up listening to as a kid, brought back to life. Sort of – no jocks, but plenty of classic jingles and sweepers 🙂oldiesmai-tunein

2 thoughts on “Oldies 100”

  1. I recently found your station and its great! I have been looking for a good 50’s and 60’s station on Internet Radio and I came across you several days back. You play many songs I don’t hear very much on the other stations. And you play the long versions. I hope you play the long version of “Light My Fire”.
    I have been collecting Rock N’ Roll music in 45’s and albums for about 35 years. I used to trade, sell and buy at small conventions when I lived in St. Louis. My first 45 was “Sandy” by “Dion”. I don’t know if you take suggestions or requests, but I wanted to let you know you have an excellent station.
    Thanks, Phil

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