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The following are the best ways to get in contact with me:

Email: Click here


I always have the phone with me, and check my email on a regular basis. If none of the above work, shoot a email to here with the subject “FREE PIZZA IN JOCK LOUNGE” and I’ll be sure to get the message!

2 thoughts on “Contact ME!”

  1. I have to admit, your feed has the best stereo sound/separation of any over the air, hd, net or satellite broadcasts. I do not know where you found hermans hermits, I’m henry the 8th I am, with vocals in one channel and instruments in the other, I cannot find that version anywhere, fantastic…gail

  2. Hi Tom.
    Thank you for your format and great sounding station. I don’t quite understand one or two very unfamiliar songs each hour .. I am talking Top 40 hits that I don’t recognize. I like hearing a few crooners like Dean and Frank in there … wouldn’t mind hearing Humperdinck and Mathis now and then. I love your Valli/Seasons hits rotation but would like to hear hits like Tell It To The Rain, Beggin’, Stay or Big Man in Town in the mix sometime. All the best ..
    Paul Kennedy – Nova Scotia

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