I hate writing about myself (not much for tooting my own horn), so here goes! I was born in Houston Texas in 1988, and have loved radio since I was a kid. I would fall asleep with my Fischer-Price alarm clock playing the local oldies station, and while I don’t have any artwork or papers from elementary school, I do have aircheck tapes!

The one to thank (or blame) for getting the radio bug is my dad, who worked for such legendary stations in Houston as KLOL & KIKK to name a few, and would take me on remotes and occasionally into the studio when he was on the air. Since then, I haven’t wanted to do anything else except work in radio – on air, off air, programming or production, I love all aspects of radio and enjoy doing it all.

What I am most proud of  is from 2007 to 2011, I was fortunate enough to run Rider Universities 107.7 WRRC as their Program Director. I took a station that was sporadically on the air with no web presence into a 24/7/365 operation that streams online around the globe with quality programming that is totally unique to the area. Since WRRC did not have an engineer at the time, I learned quickly about the engineering aspects of broadcasting – from Comrex’s to audio processing (Omnia 3fm), to IT work, even helping install our new digital audio consoles, I gained hands on experience that has helped me when at other stations and something technical has a flare up.

When I’m not tweaking a processor or futzing with a radio,I can be found down the shore at one of the Garden State’s great beaches, or making a donation to local record shops – I think for what I have spent at Princeton Record Exchange over the years I could have made a down payment on a nice Cadillac by now! During baseball season, GO RED SOX! Football, it’s the Patriots all the way. This has made me less than popular with the nice NY sports fans that populate the area. I am also a huge geek – I always have my Dell netbook with me, and try to be on the cutting edge when it comes to tech.

I live in Central Jersey, and have been lucky enough to be near almost everybody in my extended family. If there are any mistakes here, it’s my 5 year old brother messing with the computer again. He and I love to watch classic cartoons on Boomerang ….Tom & Jerry, The Flintstones, and Looney Toons are weekend rituals in the house. I think that’s enough for now, if I keep going I might say something stupid or embarrassing, like that I love blasting Dan Hartman’s “I Can Dream About You” in the car or when it comes up in rotation.

Whoops. Just did


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  1. Hi BTL! Thanks so much for your fabulous station, Oldies 100, and all that you do for really great music. My wife and I live down on the panhandle of Florida – we got really tired of winters in Minnesota. I’m a transplant though. Born in 1957, spent my early years in NYC then Teaneck, NJ. I lived in Philly for many years and sang opera professionally for about twenty years. I love the oldies though. Love listening to them and singing them. I’m semi-retired now but still do some concerts. Mostly big voice ballads, Italian love songs and, you guessed it, oldies. Thanks again for keeping the music playing. Ciao! – Tony

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